Instructions to calculate the energy consumption of a sailing yacht

To calculate the energy consumption, either the current [A] or the power [W] of the individual devices (see technical data) is required. If no information is available, the current can also be measured. The current measurement may only be carried out by persons trained in electrical engineering!

yellow sections are input fields, light blue are calculated values.

Tip: If you want to consider the delivered current of a solar plant or the wind generator, enter a negative current value

Calculate current at given power (12V system)

The available battery capacity [Ah], the current and the planned duration of the trip are then entered in the table. The current consumption of common devices is already entered in the table. The default device name can be overwritten.

Since only a maximum of 50% of the battery capacity [Ah] can be used, a warning appears if this value is exceeded.

Finally a PDF document can be created and downloaded.

One special feature must be considered for consumers such as the refrigerator or the autopilot: Since such consumers are not switched on all the time, the time period to be entered in the table can be converted here

Example: The refrigerator's compressor runs for 240 seconds and is then off for 460 seconds. The sailing day should last 8 hours. In this case a time of 2.7 hours must be entered in the table.

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