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Baltic ports
Register of Shipm.
Sailor's knots
Second hand prices
Skipper map
WLAN in ports
WLAN list as PDF


Spelling alphabet International Spelling alphabet
Checklist for season start List of the most important works on the example of Duetta94 but also universally usable
Bleeding fuel system Description to vent the fuel system at the example of the engine Yanmar 2GM20
Mast support in the winter Drawings to use the mast as a support for the canvas cover
Test Duetta 94
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By courtesy of YACHT, published in issue 19/85 (only in german language available)
Crashtest Bavaria 320 and Dehler 31
1  2  3  4  5  6
By courtesy of YACHT, published in issue 21/88 only in german language available)
Prospect Duetta 94
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
Made available by Daniel from Switzerland (only in german language available)
Propeller disassembly Instructions
Experience Duetta94 Report Duetta94
Form Weather forecast Form to write down the weather forecast from DP07
Installation of compressor Prepared from Odysseus
Prepare the engine for the winter Instructions to prepare a diesel engine with direct seawater cooling for the winter on the example of Yanmar 2GM20
Serienmeßbrief Duetta 94 from Axel (only in german language available)
Strategy and tactics from Axel (only in german language available)
Trimmanleitung from Axel (only in german language available)
Wind force Conversion table Bft, kn, m/sec, km/h


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